NNSG was formed in 2002 to provide networking and call center support to the call center industry.

Over the years we have evolved, still serving the call center industry, but also serving small and mid-sized businesses in all aspects of running their business. Whether it is adding phone/voice lines, web interfaces, marketing lists or countless other concerns, we have done it before. NNSG will answer all your IT questions, it’s what we do best!.

Don’t be surprised if we say “I don’t know”, we don’t claim to HAVE all the answers, but with decades of experience we know the right questions to get you the answers that you need to make your business thrive. You have far too many responsibilities to worry about overcharges on the phone bill, or that there is no electrical outlet next to the copy machine.

From small concerns like these to large decisions like web design and internet marketing campaigns, let us be your extra hand, your extra set of eyes, your backboard to bounce that new idea off of. NNSG is here to supplement your great company and help in the areas too small for you to waste your valuable time on or areas where you need research done to help you make that informed decision.

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